To more sensible choices

I’ve been paying extra attention to myself in this quarantine 2.0. Months back, I told myself that I will draw sharper boundaries, which is a line I’m able to follow through on as I start to care less about certain people.

How I acted towards self-care was a bit hedonistic last year. It felt like I was making the most out of what my body could take in because I wasn’t okay. The past tense “was” does not mean that it’s not the current case, but I seem to have more control now. I might’ve gotten (a bit) calmer and my urges have gone faint.

I’m not sure when it started, but my treatment of self-care is bending to accommodate the non-negotiable domestic chores. Meeting them gives me peace of mind and a bit of accomplishment by how it affirms that I’m a grown-up of my social class. It might be an odd thing to take pride in, but I’m relieved I stopped being bitter about the fact that we are not rich. I’m not sure if this Facebook group has something to do with it, but I can attest that browsing posts in this community lights up my mood.

On weekends, I like having ample time to routinely clean up even if it’s just our room — the only space I have full freedom on in my parents’ home. On Saturdays, I wash a week’s worth of laundry for two adults and two kids. It’s a must to do it first thing so you can afford to lounge and delay folding them as long as you’ll have them done before Monday. In between, I would tend to other duties and then to myself through pastimes I’d be in the mood to do.

Good purchases are also part of my quarantine self-care, where the definition of good is highly utilitarian. Let me share here my loved quarantine purchases to date, which I’ll limit to the top 10 in no particular order.

Our previous fridge stopped working in February last year. We bought a replacement weeks after, a few days before the lockdown, and our order arrived in May as shipments got delayed during the first few months of the quarantine. I cannot imagine how we survived being stuck at home and not having a fridge, especially a glass of cold water, in this tropical country with a temperature that can hit 40°C in summer.

Convection oven
It’s efficient to have a cooking appliance that lets you toast bread, roast meat, and bake meals, and have it all in a single machine so you only need to clean one appliance that occupies less counter space.

A big baking tray
Because #sushibake is a life-saving recipe that my kids also love.

Smart body scale
To prove to people (sometimes myself) that they’re not healthy anymore. And that the scale also said so to make it more convincing.

King-size medical bed mattress
We now fit in a single mattress and manage to keep a lot of space for ourselves — us, adults — even when the kids turn a lot on their sleep.

Deerma vacuum
My husband recommended for us to get this vacuum after seeing a post on Home Buddies. He is the true winner though because I won’t need to ask for his help anymore in dusting off the ceiling and walls. This tool makes those work a piece of cake even for a short person.

Coffee maker and cold brewer bottle
Because we want to consume healthy coffee.

Laptop stand, bluetooth keyboard & mouse, and office chair
This is my anti-slouch arsenal. Along with regular stretches, I noticed that the hump of my nape has gotten smaller. I’m a believer in the permanence of consistency, and I’m convinced that this is an exponential effect of positioning the laptop screen just a bit below the eye level + using a wireless keyboard and mouse as close to my body as possible and as comfortable, which controls the angle of how I need to position my head, my shoulder, my back, and my arms and move them with minimal effort and utmost ease for five days a week while I work. Yes. That must be the science behind my better posture now.

Silicone face masks
I mean the face masks that you use to cover your mouth and nose as a safety precaution. These masks are washable and they dry a lot faster compared with cloth masks. How I use them: I double mask by inserting a surgical mask as a filter. 

Octopath Traveler
I bought a second-hand of Octopath Traveler from a seller I found on Facebook Marketplace, and I’ve been overplaying the game since then. I’m past 100 hours of gameplay, I’m in chapter 4 of all the eight characters, I’ve got all the job classes including the advanced ones, and I’m almost done with all side quests, yet I am not ready to let this game go. To be honest, I’m stalling given that I’m already overpowered for the monsters and bosses. The freedom in the class switching and the ability to retain mastered passive skills even of jobs you don’t currently equip make the fights highly exploitable, which I love.

I’m super excited for Project Triangle Strategy that reportedly follows the gameplay of OT, including the HD2D rendering that does not look anime. But what I’m most looking forward to is Eiyuden Chronicles, which is the upcoming installment under the Suikoden franchise lang naman. They say it won’t be available on Switch and we don’t have a PS and Xbox anymore. 😔 But let’s see… If it really won’t be available on Switch, I’ll save money for this purchase so I can save my heart.

In general, I’m proud of my purchases because they’re all pretty useful, including those did not make it to the list like buckets of wall paint, pillow covers, bedsheet, and massage slippers for everyone. The hyped online marketplace sale does not excite me anymore because I’m saving up and investing to build a fund faster for our own home. I think I’m starting to purge the compulsion to needlessly acquire as a form of self-therapy. Like many people, I gave in a lot of times, particularly on days when I’m down to reject any sense so I just let the reward impulse kick in to give temporary relief.

I’m improving on my prioritization, and I also hope to address my drinking vice. This might even be the first time that I’m acknowledging in writing that it has grown into a vice that controls. But I won’t stop drinking though because that is too much and I do not intend to shock my heart. I will take things slow.


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