For the past days, I’ve been keeping myself in our home while I still can. It’s been two weeks since I left my previous job and my life remains pretty busy with a lot of things where reports, content planning, and completing job orders are substituted by tending to the kids, doing house chores, playing console games, watching stuff, or reading a book when I’m free.

Years ago, I left Robinsons and thought about how I would not work for a retail group again. But there I was, a year after, getting myself employed in SM because hey, retail marketing has been familiar territory and maybe San Mateo to Pasay with 10.5 office hours will work?

It did not work well though. I got tired, which felt like a small leak at first and ended up overwhelming to the point that it cannot be contained. It was not just about the job because there was that horrible commute as well. Still, it remains that I learned so much. I think we tend to bring with us part of the work culture each time we leave a company. And maybe this is why HR people also look at where you are coming from.

The special thing for me about this work experience is the fact that it was my first shot at assuming a managerial role. I like to believe that I grew in character perhaps from trying to figure out the right mix of autonomy & camaraderie, and of empathy, bitch, and whatnot as you work with people from the team who you’d also treat as friends.

My favorite kind of project with the company would have to be the lifestyle shoots (the easiest part of the job). I wasn’t the one who took photos and did the styling but I was responsible for picking the items, deciding on the product mix & theme, and making on-shoot observations *if even needed at all.

Here are groufies after the last product shoot with the usual Saturday girls and Adcore team. Bronchitis was my shit that day. I did not know I had it so I hope no one caught my disease. It was a happy and productive day and we did have the time to pose for the cam after wrapping things up.


I received a Uniqlo gift card as a parting gift from Adcore. I love Uniqlo‼️ It is my favorite clothing store so far because the designs are clean, the selections are un-kitschy, plus their fabric is just the best! ✨ Have you seen their collab shirts?! 💖 I can only say yes!

I’ve gotten a bit leaner now compared to how I look in these pictures. I was guilty of gorging on junk food & milk tea for the past few months and the absence of these at home is a blessing to my thighs.

Speaking of diet, my mom was diagnosed with diabetes just last week. Two of her siblings are already diabetic as well so I guess it runs in the family. I must keep my sugar intake in check as early as now. We will all be adjusting how we consume rice as a staple because it’s these daily little things (aside from genes) that will dictate our health & lifespan.


Slap me if you catch me eating sweets


    1. Yep. San Mateo to MOA every single working day. What was I thinking?! There were times I wanted to cry in the middle of commuting but then the art of not giving a fuck got stronger. Anyway, I’ll be starting to work in BGC next week. The travel will be much better since my husband promised to drive me to work because it is not too far from his office (unlike with Pasay). I also threatened to kill him if he does not deliver to this promise.

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  1. Ooooh you quit na rin pala. And guurrrrl, totoo ba sa San Mateo to MOA??? Jusko I wouldn’t even attempt (kahit na mas malapit ako ng konti sa MOA compared sayo; from Marikina). How do you do it!!!! Huhuhuhu pero at least you transferred to BGC na!


    1. Truuuue. Now that it’s in the past, I also want to ask myself how I did that!!! Pero I think I was able to stay a bit longer kasi I was being treated well by my boss there e. Wala akong masabi. And I also enjoyed the company of my ka co-dept. We all jived well.


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