How the days flowed

The β€œJ” months, June & July, had been emotionally taxing months. My daughter contracted stomach flu for the second time among other difficult things like flood, lack of sleep, overtiredness, and the truth that I resigned from my current job. I’ve been meaning to write a month ago because there were so many things to be said but I did not have the time so I ended up forgetting most of them.

August is harsh so far. The tropical storm Karding & the habagat brought heavy rain and waist-deep flood in our village. Our town was officially declared to be in a state of calamity for a week but activities here are now pretty much back to normal.

Now that I am writing about this, I realize that this is the second time this year that our home was flooded. We started to call ourselves flood experts after Ondoy, but Karding reminded us of how little we understand nature.

We are okay now but as you might be able to hint, I am tired. This month is not just exhausting due to personal matters at home. Work had been extra-challenging due to work I had to rush in advance, plus our recent 3-day weekend bazaar that went on while Karding ran wild.

I was supposed to be on full shift throughout that weekend. But Karding lashed, our village almost drowned, and I had to go home early on Saturday and skip work on Sunday.

We were only able to go home on Sunday afternoon because the flood was impassable back home. When the water subsided, all left were mess, mud, exhaustion, and relief.

It is easy to focus on every difficult thing and I could just go on writing a book about it. But with all the good things that happened despite the downpour of the typhoon, there’s just so much else to be grateful about. I made a story series in Instagram about the things I’m grateful for despite the bad weather. Ultimately, I am grateful for tomorrow. I am just happy to be present, breathing, and alive with everyone I love. We are really lucky because here we are, still persisting.

Flood, unexpected expenses, and all; I like to think that I am still being led where I need to be. Nothing good ever comes out of letting life be defined by bad experiences alone.

“Act like summer and things will be okay.”

This will be my byword for a while.

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