Before I turn 30

It’s Sunday morning and I’m playing music that brings me back to the beach. My kids are downstairs, watching some morning tv show and I’m still here in the bedroom, writing.

Hello weekend mornings:
The bed is a mess. The cabinets have ominous red marks that spell β€œColign.” And garments due for laundry stretch on the floor.

It’s far from perfect but all these contribute to the feeling of calm. I imagine it will be more peaceful, if for a bit, house chores are not priority. I really miss out-of-town trips. I miss that feeling of making every part of your stay count β€”of recognizing the impermanence of your visit and being a bit sad about it. I miss trying to explain all those moments that make your little self melt. I miss capturing it all in photographs. And I miss looking back at these photos again.


Subic, November 2017:
We celebrated my birthday in the beach.

Subic, December 2017:
Marketing Christmas Party and we brought our kids along.

Batangas, December 2017:
Beach wedding of our friend.

This year, my goal is to visit a different country.

I have been putting this aside for quite a time now but I am turning 30 this year.
If I keep waiting for a better time, it may never happen.


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