First birthdays

Five months passed since my last update, four months since my youngest turned a year old, three months since my 29th year, and two days since my husband’s birthday. Christmas came, 2017 ended, and it took me a long weekend, thanks to Chinese New Year, for having the time to write again for myself.

My mind is like a balloon sealed with string. When you put tension to pull the string tight, nothing can come out or get inside the balloon.

This is exactly how I’ve been feeling the past few months. Let’s face it, when you just get too absorbed with work, it doesn’t get productive for your mind. At these times, it helps to write if you can – at least write randomly to detach from everything that worries you.

I am that type of person who scribbles curse words to focus. I am also that type of person who gets help from ambient sounds. I like mixing the sound of wind waves along with the crackle of bonfire or thunder in low volume.

This is the soundtrack of my work mode. For everything else, there’s Spotify.

I want to write about what made my 2017 great but I would have to dedicate several posts to this topic. Let me share some of the photos from one of my favorite events from last year.

These were all from Lia’s first birthday. I made the e-invite and the frame template because I wanted her party to be as d-i-y as possible.

My two daughters hardly look like sisters. My eldest took after me so much while my youngest is just like her father. We each have black hair but only Colign & I have straight hair out of the four of us.

I love how my daughters look unique from one another. When I hug them both – the warmth of their bodies, the softness of their skin, their delicate scent; they have that intangible mark that tells me they’re my own.

So this is what the old people call as “lukso ng dugo.” You just know by your heart, your gut, and your uterus in my case.

Yesterday, I watched Hotarubi no Mori e.

My colleague has been warning how this movie messed her up, which I thought prepared me for the worst. But no cautioning would’ve been able to prepare my heart; like with Wolf Children and Coco. Hotarubi was understated, calm on every level, and achingly beautiful.

β€œIt’s okay if you forget me.”

See the trailer here.

I have a new theme. I was trying out themes last week and I accidentally published the changes. I was supposed to revert back to the Oxygen theme but it’s phased out.
The problem with switching themes is how it also probably means new featured image specifications. πŸ˜₯ I am too lazy at the moment to change all featured images of my past posts but if I do find the time, my inner obsessive-compulsive self will probably take over.


  1. I love her name as in. Emilia Harmony ❀ And her big round eyes, grabe.. ang cute cute lang

    Ang galing din ng invite mo. And I love that “walang program” hahahaha The introvert and lazy person in me always dread yung sobrang ingay na parties.


    1. Thanks ate! πŸ˜„ Me too. At I haaaate all those hintayan/gutuman moments sa mga parties. Kaya iniwasan ko na lang kasi baby pa naman siya. But maybe when she turns five at mas matatandaan na niya, baka may program na.


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