A Kidzoona kind of birthday

The first Monday of July was one of the best Mondays because:

  1. My husband and I did not got to work.
  2. It was Colign’s birthday.

We were supposed to bring in food to Colign’s school so she can mini-celebrate her birthday with her friends. But it turned out preschoolers aren’t allowed to hold parties during class because they only have three hours at school. ~So thank God there’s Kidzoona, which was a perfect plan B. 🙂

Visiting the playground on a weekday was paradise! We almost kept the place to ourselves because people were so scarce. I realized that the few other kids were also celebrants after numerous happy birthdays sang through the PA system.

Kidzoona, in all its glory.

And of course, its sea of soft-colored throw balls.

Two years ago, I used to chase my daughter away from this slide because I thought she was too small for it. But now, I have to carry her with me just to get her to try this.

One of the other slides. But why does this look stoned?

Toys are arranged here for kids who prefer to tinker over roughhousing.

Roleplay area where we decided to play ice cream vendor and buyer.

You can pretend to be a flower vendor too, like Aerith!

There is a library now.

And tablets, of course.

I knew it. She prefers to roughhouse.

And the best part: the arcade is now exclusive to people who paid to be inside the playground. Each arcade game is now play-all-you-can. They have Let’s Go Jungle and a lot more! T-T


My daughter ran back to the slide area, shouting something I did not understand. It took a lot of willpower to stay put and just let her roam careless, all by herself. I would’ve liked to run after her but the vigor of youth is unbelievable! There is a difference with being concerned and wasting energy; so I just sat down and watched her lively figure from afar.

Ate, I hope your days will brim with love & happiness
than you thought your little-big heart can ever contain.
—Happy birthday!


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