A Kidzoona kind of birthday

I skipped work on the first Monday of the month. But although I did not go to work, I was awake and busy at 6:00 am as if it was the finest day of any week. But perhaps I should call it the best Monday — It was Colign’s birthday after all and P and I wanted to spend as much time with her, which we weren’t able to give on a regular work week.

We were supposed to bring in food to Colign’s school so she can mini-celebrate with her friends. But we were told birthday lunches for preschoolers weren’t allowed since it would eat a large chunk of their quick 3-hour class. ~So thank God there’s Kidzoona, which was a perfect plan B. 🙂


Kidzoona in all its glory

Visiting the playground on a weekday was paradise! We almost kept the place to ourselves because people were so scarce. I realized that the few other kids were also celebrants after numerous happy birthdays sang through the PA system.

Two years ago, I used to chase my daughter away from this slide because I thought she was too small for it. But now, I have to carry her with me just to get her to try this.

Toys are arranged for kids to enjoy

You can pretend to be a flower vendor, like Aerith!

The best part:

The arcade is now exclusive to people who paid to be inside the playground. Each arcade game is now play-all-you-can. They have Let’s Go Jungle and a lot more!



My daughter ran back to the slide area, shouting something I did not understand. It took a lot of willpower to stay put and just let her roam careless, all by herself. I would’ve liked to run after her but the vigor of youth is unbelievable! There is a difference with being concerned and wasting energy; so I just sat down and watched her lively figure from afar.


Ate, I hope your days will brim with love & happiness than you thought your little-big heart can ever contain. —Happy birthday!


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