On work-life harmony

I went to a Sun Life event at I’M Hotel. The idea was a Mom’s Day-Out; to let us mothers be pampered and get a breather that we deserve. I was drawn right at the first talk when the program rolled out. I related too much with the speaker, Ms. Michelle Alignay.

What I loved most about her discussion was her revision of work-life balance into the term work-life harmony. To be frank, I have a bias with the word harmony. I fell in love with it a year ago when I was thinking of a baby name. So naturally, when I gave birth to my youngest; I had it registered and officiated that she should be named Harmony.

As I understood it, the point of work-life harmony is to find a way for the career and personal aspects of your life to work well with one another. That despite the imbalance of having lesser time for yourself & family compared with the time you spend at work, the set-up remains harmonious because you are able to make up for the lack of time.

I love how this offers a fresh perspective towards time eaten by our jobs:

  • I am able to help pay the bills.
  • I am able to help send our daughter to a private school.
  • I can pay for extras like a family day-out or a wardrobe worn by a mannequin.
  • I can get a duplicate of things even if what we have is still okay.
  • I can afford to sleep peaceful because tomorrow we shall eat three meals without needing to borrow money.
  • And I am able to keep my calm and be this sound version of myself because I feel secure.

Yes, working eats too much time. But I am able to experience and give these all simply because I have a job. You can say that working completes me; it empowers me in a different way. I have two girls. And I want them to feel that they don’t have to forego career the moment they become a mom. I mean, our girls will not major in motherhood when they get in college right?

Thank you Ms. Michelle for pointing this out:

Choosing to work full-time does not make anyone less of a mom.

I spent a good couple of minutes admiring the hotel interior.

A jolly SunSun plush hiding inside the lootbag. And I must tell you, the bag is full of teas & organic stuff! 😎

Is this infatuation? I should bring my family here soon.

The massage bed, the greatest bed of all.

A selfie because yukata is ❤

The event ended with a complementary dinner buffet. I decorated my plate with assortments of maki, meat, and veggies while I was fumbling through the food choices.

All things summed up, the best part of the treat was definitely the massage. I chose the signature version which had a mix of stretching. The masseuse who took care of me was politely chatty and I liked that she took note of my scoliosis without me revealing it. My entire body ached in a ~greaat way that night. I had to try keeping my soul in because I was already getting a halo.


    1. Hi Nish! For the batch that I attended, I only registered the day before the actual event 😉 But since there’s a reservation fee (that will be refunded at the event), I was required to deposit it by 12pm.


  1. Hi Kim! I encountered other bloggers who also wrote their experiences from this event…. Sorry to say… (PM ko na lang sa yo) hahahahaha Your post is the most insightful I should say. Walang halong family bias to ha. Hahah Seryoso

    I love the work life harmony. Thanks for the new concept. Pag nag town hall, may bago akong idea hahahaha Madalas nga kasi work life balance ang ginagamit.

    “And I want them to feel that they don’t have to forego career the moment they become a mom. I mean, our girls will not major in motherhood when they get in college right?”

    Ang galing lang ng choice of words.


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