The Sea & Waves of Change

The first itinerary after my last day at work was to unwind in whatever way possible. Our first stop was in Pangasinan to do island-hopping in Alaminos. 🙂

Man, the sea was beautiful! It was said that “the cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea” and it’s true!

The sea talks to you in a thousand ways. It plays with you by gently tossing you aside, challenging you to swim farther than you ever had. It teaches you persistence by how it hurls itself back on the shore, crawling on the sand, no matter how many times it is dragged away. Occasionally, it had shown me generosity by leaving a handful of pretty stones & shells which I kept as a reminder. And this is because the sea is a living thing and no matter how much I describe it, my words can never give justice to its magnificence.

Our arrival to the island and there’s a view of where we stayed

Pretty rocky path and I meant for pretty to be interpreted as charming




Bedside adorned with framed photos of different activities that you can do at the different islands. There were four beds and six double-deck beds in total. Spacious lodge right?


View from within

From above

Island bridge and there’s actually a zip-line that’s too thin to be noticed

My daughter smiles like him!


Solar panels 💡 because the electricity in the villa runs on solar power

Water tank! Or a clown’s nose?


Even the trees are scenic

Roof without a house


Inland seaweeds according to my own dictionary


Somewhere, a cave


A sleepy pregnant cat


Diving spot: A cave full of bats. The landing’s view is AMAZING though it was too dark to be captured by our phone. It was unfortunately low tide as well and we would’ve been stabbed to death by rocks have we jumped.

I remember the movie “Rio” though this is not what you’ll call a rainforest


Not a cliff-diving spot but it fairly & dangerously looks like one ❗


Remains of a restobar at some abandoned island that starts with C (because I forgot the name)


I was faintly expecting a scary creature to be peeking beneath

Paolo, posing with the cat (the island’s only inhabitant), before attempting to take it to a human-populated island, which failed. (This cat is different from the pregnant cat before.)


My favorite stop: the floating gazebo in the middle of the sea where you can jump to the water without having to worry of corals & rocks (and there are fishes here too, which we fed!)  🙂

A lovely red cabin by the sea. Oh, don’t we all want to own a rest house like this? ❤

Second zipline from the mainland


Zip-line registration area


Us, smiling to the world from the seaside! ❤

On our stay in the sea, I kept on thinking to myself how gravity is so amazing. If gravity ceases to exist, everything that we know will float into the silent cosmos. At a point, all can be enveloped by the sea and drown chillingly unperturbed. Even oxygen, the air that we are able to breathe, will hover around in space with no gravity to anchor it. We would be asphyxiated by nothingness and the Earth will dismantle with no force to keep it compact (along with satellites and other planets).

Such thoughts scare me and leave me in awe because that’s just how amazing this universe is. I am now officially adding a new category to my blog posts which is Travel! idea (and not gravity) 😆

I’m happy that I can finally check this off.

Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work. –A. P. J. Abdul Kalam


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