Baguio x Out in the Woods

After our Pangasinan seadventure, we stayed at my in-laws rest house comfortably located in windswept Baguio. Baguio is a special place to me. I remember staying here for almost three weeks c/o my then company in order to close more sales for the group. It was a fun experience to get to know the other teams and have fond memories of endless chitchats, booze nights, groufies, ukay-hopping, and eating like there’s no tomorrow with the happiest group of people.

Baguio is like an escape. A breather from the city’s hustle; a break from the demands of all the responsibilities you left behind (except of course if you’re from Baguio). We all deserve our own little piece of repose be it through the mountains, the sea, a staycation, or even just a day-off from work to stay home with your loved ones.

So rest, and when you return:

Kid, you’ll move mountains!

I specially like this exterior of their home

Short hair for a short me

Steep pathway to the court and my husband doing the dirty finger because he’s silly

The curious case of a peeking dog

Just outside Mines View Park

The park

Because Baguio means strawberries!

The fruits are really cheaper here.

Roasted Japanese corn on the cob *yum!

Paolo with his adorable lola

Potted plants for sale

Plants, up close

Pleasantly green

Why are flowers pretty?

At Good Shepherd, home of the Mountain Maids who make the best ube (purple yam) in this city. 😉

People in Baguio are generally more mindful of environment compared to people in Manila. Look, they even put plants on top of garbage bins to have more fresh air in the area. 💡

Figure of Mother Mary

My father-in-law (rightmost) like to refer to themselves as brothers; but the rest are actually his sons.

Cheesy ensaymada! (which tastes exceptionally divine with the local strawberry tea. Their brew is made from fresh strawberries & calamansi!) ❤

The color reminds me of Weepinbell though Weepinbell is more of a carnivorous pitcher plant

To the outlet stores of Camp John Hay: to the overpriced outlet stores, which is anticlimactic

Travelling is a toast to being alive. Life is calling and I am saying yes to new adventures.

Next time, we will be bringing our cute little daughter along because I’m sure she’ll enjoy everything just as how as we had; after all, the world is full of magical things waiting to be discovered and understood. 🙂


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