Working for a retail group

Working for a retail group means being first to know the item discounts and molding a shape of hate for the Sale season (even if as tiny as a dot) due to the heap of work that every so often meant o-t-y in succession.

But then, working for a retail group broadened my horizon. It made me deal with people in the higher management and obliged me to learn their language and transact with them on equal terms.

At a point, it meant collecting so many business cards and giving away my contact details like how a promo girl hands out leaflets with an eager demeanor. Then it progressed to hundreds of handshake within a calendar year and twofold more disagreements with store operations, concessionaires, merchandising, suppliers, and occasionally your boss.

It is dead exhausting to work for a retail group yet it’s invigorating in peculiar terms. It will test your patience on repeated moments only to find out that you’ve grown – that no same problem wears you down twice anymore and you work on the same things with half the usual time (that you will take pride in). But then, despite the improvement on your pacing, the load catches up and outruns you exponentially.

It’s been past a year already since I started working for Robinsons Retail. I am forever in debt for all that I’ve learned from its people and to everyone I met through the company. This is cheesy but though we have bid our farewells, I will forever treasure the good relationships that we all built along the way.

Marketing & Visual Merchandising Team: My dorks, thank you for this special birthday blast (and the unforgettable crazy despedida though the photos are not here!).


Goodbye for now to waking up early and having to be both an octopode and an email-owl. Bum plans: learn how to drive for real and earn that license!

“She was a woman who often became bored with her life and found it hard to get up for work in the morning… On the other hand, she was a woman with a million happy memories, who knew what it was like to experience true love and who was ready to experience more life, more love and make new memories.”

― Cecelia Ahern, P.S. I Love You

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