HallowToon party

It feels like it has been a year ago since I last said a thing on this page. The thing is I’ve been so busy at work that there were weekends I was required to attend to it.

I added on my self-contained dictionary the meaning of rest that is extinct. On my days off, I realize that I even forget that I’m not at work. There can be no remembering when the soul is exhausted and I’m afraid I really must rest even if just for a month.

My daughter calls me Sadness and she refers to herself as Joy. The metaphor hits the mark because I now find myself basing all my options and decisions with her as the core – because thinking of her welfare makes me the happiest; because she really is my “joy.”

It’s odd how my stance on working, self-worth, and happiness changed so much in just three years; how my ambition and life goals took a 360Β° turn. I confessed to my boss that I’ve been meaning to stay with the company only until the end of this year but let me not explain this anymore.


In any case, here is the most recent project I handled. The warmest consolation is the chance to make kids happy even for just a single day.

*None of the photos were taken by me. These were all grabbed from Estancia’s page.

Children have amazing strength. They are reckless and naΓ―ve but they are confident in being themselves. They are a refreshing breather from hostile attitudes and they give us the healing we need with every age.

Children make us think for a moment of beautiful things – a bouquet of sunflower: yellow and bright, and the cool splash of water as we run in the rain.

They make us think of being reckless again and teary brown eyes as we laugh hard enough, our jaws ache. Though my body is tired, I am grateful for the experience.


  1. That little trooper ❀ and if I have a daughter one day, she’s going to be Maleficent for her first Halloween, my favorite villain.
    Just yesterday night, there was a documentary -Life Before Birth- and there were births of babies on the screen. I don’t know why but it brought tears to my eyes. I was just looking and the tears were falling down. There’s surely something magical about babies and children. Their world is so beautiful that sometimes I think this world is not fair for them…


    1. Hi Fatos, sorry it’s taking me aeons to reply. The -ber months have been very demanding that I rarely visit WP. But my last day at work will be on January second week. I am sure to be active at blogging AND READING again around that time and I’ll be stuffing myself with catching up.

      The lil’ storm trooper is indeed very cuuute! he’s a rather uncontrollable kid at person and climbs the stage even if he’s not being called :)) I don’t know what it is with babies but it’s impossible to just hate them because of their innocence. and yes, I myself cried on similar videos hehe.

      When the little Maleficent arrives, please cosplay as the Mommy Maleficent!


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