Birthdays, graduations, paths

We’ve had back-to-back celebrations this July. First was my daughter’s third birthday and second was my sister’s college graduation.

For Colign’s birthday, we visited Dreamplay in City of Dreams. It’s basically a Dreamworks-themed playground housed inside the “mallsino.”

DreamShop by the Dreamplay entrance which is also strategically connected to its exit. (Because children, you must look at the assortments and maybe force your parents to buy.)
Kids, UNITE!
I’m. in. Berk!
Abandoned aircraft which my daughter won’t leave alone

Meanwhile, transitioning from the play areas…
Bye dreamplay!

Next was my sister’s graduation ceremony. She took up a bachelor’s degree in Digital Filmmaking but is now majoring in independent freeloading. 🙂

After the commencement, we pigged out at Hole in the Wall. It’s a cool place so don’t forget the camera and extra bucks since the selections don’t come cheap and they’re all something to drool for.

For that first time visit, we went for Bad Bird, Kwong’s, and Green Cheese.

Bad Bird prides itself in its chicken combos. I found the price to be a bit steep but wait until you taste the corn! It’s yuuuumy though I’ll still call it pricey.

Brand representation. Aren’t crows cute?

At Kwong’s, we had an over-sized tonkatsu-looking meat that felt sooo dry, I had a moment of remorse for the fallen pig who nobly sacrificed its life. But then, I think we just ordered the wrong meal here. So next time, we’ll give their dim sum balls a shot.

Then last stop was Green Cheese which made us giggly-happy. The cheesecake had us right at the free taste that we knew we had to take out a whole round to re-experience its milky fluffiness. It’s sad though how the cake didn’t survive our fridge for a whole 24 hours. It was brutally devoured beyond recognition and we knew that we only wanted more.

~So-fluffy-I-could-die face

I remember when I was a fresh grad that I got depressed for being unemployed for two months. Yes it was a short two months but there were certain nights that I cried before an interview because I was too tired of rejection and of being jobless because it was a big deal when no one in the family was working.

Now, it’s my sister’s time to find a job and learn on the process what she wants herself to be. I know there are several unspoken duties that she probably will shoulder because that’s just how we were reared. But then, I hope she could follow her dreams to the best extent because in the end, she’s the one accountable for her future. Good luck unggoy 🙂


  1. It took me 4 months to finally land on my first company… which remains today. Hahaha Can I share a little secret, I’m in the process of y’know….

    10 years ago, I felt equally frustrated of all those job rejections. There came a time that I never wanted to leave the house especially during family reunions. Nahihiya ako. Pede bang isang major exam na lang ang lahat? Kapag nakapasa ako, eh ok na. 10 years after, hindi pala madali kapag employed ka na at …..

    Bitter ako sa Dreamplay hahahaha

    Hole in the Wall!! Hindi ko pa din napupuntahan hanggang ngayon.

    As for the Sperry, sorry naman. Pero ang chaka lang talaga tignan sa paa ko hahaha Mahal siya, pero nabiyayaan naman ako ng medyo malaking discount :p Otherwise, hindi ko siya bibilhin din haha


    1. Seriously?! Ang haba ng patience mo pra magstay ng sobrang tagal sa first job! Ako 1month exactly lng sa una kong work. As in weeks pa lang ako nagplaplano nko magresign hahaha

      Siguro dahil naging ok naman ung naibibigay nila syo in return kaya ka dn tumagal. Pero pag tingin no nga, di ka na masaya, move on na. 🙂 Sobrang expert ka na sa field mo sa sobrang tagal mo ba naman sa work, I think pag-aagawan ka once you start on that y’know…

      About dreamplay, d nmen nasulit. Though mura kay colign ksi masyado pa syang maliit, mdami ding mgandang attraction na d pa sknya pwede.

      Puntahan mo na ung Hole in the Wall. I think matutuwa ka kasi ang daming food na mukang masarap. Ang ganda pati ng lugar.


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