Infinitely better than sulking, pigging out, or bottling it up

On the third week of April, I remembered the lost reflex of settling scores when it came knocking at my face that I was indubitably wronged. I knew I had every right to defend myself and the free space on that paper was my solace where I had poured my conclusion about your trickling incompetence.

Silence is alive. It shoots out like a sharp pendulum and turns back at us with a painful cut. I could’ve kept my silence but you don’t deserve to be protected at my own expense.

I am not a talker but I could make an essay of sensible points when given a pen and ample writing space. I might have the wobbliest voice upfront but it’s a different story when I write because my form of writing has been my anchor for the longest, most troublesome time.

I am actually a bit uncomfortable writing some untouched things on that paper. But then again, I also don’t want to tell myself one day that there was a time when I had the chance to say that I am not okay with how you manage things. I admit that my pride was hurt because I gave what I got and yet you’re making me feel disposable (which feels synonymous as limbo).

Anyway, Val…

I need an inner cheerleader. And lots of money to count before I sleep.


2 responses to “Infinitely better than sulking, pigging out, or bottling it up

  1. Exactly my sentiments a few weeks ago, nawala, bumalik ayun ganun ganun lang abg buhay 😛

    A little confession to make, did you know that I write a long email to my boss expressing all the negative feelings I have 😛 I’m still unsure if I regret it pero after which, I become the “lead vocalist” the very vocal employee ahahahaha


    • I’ve also done a similar thing! A month ago, I actually sent an sms to our avp with my supervisor copied in. And I think it all led to improving things. 🙂 I’m sure your boss actually felt “kind of” relieved after reading that message, even if just for a bit.

      Kasi minsan alam naman talaga nila na may mali e pero they just need a validation. O minsan, dahil sa mabigat na ung responsibilities nila, we need to tap them on the back so they’ll be able to notice that something’s wrong; which I think they’ll appreciate (maybe later if not immediate).

      I like to believe din naman na pinagdaanan din nila yung mga nararanasan natin.


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