Something for every bunny

AnΒ unofficial promotional photo for Toys “R” Us Easter 2015 with an unofficial hashtag.

The first major event of the year in our work calendar.

In the pour of deadlines, it is easy to count how many times we have been put upon. When a thing goes wrong, the tallying starts and anything out of the plan gets our attention. We practice ourselves to see loopholes that we sometimes forget to be glad for the things that go right. And before we know it, we could only let ourselves respond strongly to negative incidents.

But then, I learned that the day goes better if you choose to see that if anything can go right, it will. This is what I understood in the new path I’m taking.

In the face of all the slips and worries prior to the event. I’m just happy that everything fell out to where they’re supposed to be. Thank you God (and friends) for the help. Belated Happy Easter! πŸ™‚


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