That Thing Called Tadhana

Holy Week feels like we’re playing house in our borrowed little home. Honestly, we’re not used to keeping the house to ourselves. We’ve been living with my family ever since we married and in return, we shoulder the expenses.

On days like this, when we are left to ourselves, we like to make a sea of pillows and sheets on the floor where we’ll spend most of the day idling about or cycling through a series of anything decent and watchable. Thursday was the start of our three-day potato days. We began with still-waking-up-early-but-later-than-usual, movie marathons, and spontaneous eating.

Luckily, in between watching staple films in our daughter’s list, we were able to squeeze in That Thing Called Tadhana.

That Thing Called Tadhana
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Filipino
Director: Antoinette Jadaone
Year: 2014

“For those who loved.
Who were hurt.
And yet chose to love again.
…You idiots.”

I knew I would love the film right from this intro. Tadhana translates to destiny in English. The story is about how a broken-hearted lady finds herself moving on through a chance travel companion, occasional “burgis” issues, and a heavy load of touché punch lines.

The two lead roles: Mace & Anthony.

This film is a breath of fresh air in the Filipino film industry. The color processing and treatment give off the vibe that it’s some East Asian film with all the brisk pop of hues. I also like the metaphor of the arrow-with-the-pierced-heart – it impulsively reminded me of Shel Silverstein’s “The Missing Piece.”

The twee arrow-with-a-pierced-heart story.

I cried in this film but I’m sure I would’ve bawled had I still been single.

Mace, crying while watching One More Chance, the Philippine National Love Story if such a title exist.

It won’t take any effort to relate to Mace. But what really hit me is Anthony’s internal issues: {Sometimes, we love doing things too much that we start to associate our identity into the craft of doing them. However, this pride could lead us to second-guess ourselves out of the fear that we might not be good enough, and so we decide to do another thing just to escape disappointing ourselves.} –or something like that.

“To the great people we would’ve been…
To the great people that we will be.”

Did you know that the director, Antoinette Jadaone, co-owns
Witty Will Change The World?

(Yes! The brand of those comical slum book & planners that hyped those kastress drilon stuff!) Witty mo te! ❤

Reminds me of the perky milk carton from Blur’s Coffee & TV.

Ahh.. what a cute youthful movie. It makes my brain & heart want to yell how they’re both grateful that I’m over and done with that qué tonta phase.


  1. “The twee arrow-with-a-pierced-heart story” – Dito ako na-amaze sa lahat ng meron sa film.. more than the wonders of Baguio and Sagada 🙂 Galing!

    As you said, Antoinette Jadaone gives a breath of fresh air in the local movie industry.. Although I’m quite worried about her move to mainstream.. Sana hindi mawala yung element ng pagka-indie film niya 🙂


    1. I think most of the artists who venture in the film industry are torn between producing something “they want” vs. mainstream. There’s a scriptwriter I know kasi na though gusto niya sana magpakadeep at fartsy, the station & production houses will dictate naman na kailangan masa para bumenta. So minsan gngwa nila yun para may mailabas lang at pampakapal ng portfolio.

      But then nag-iiba na ang mainstream ngayon. Indie is becoming mainstream. 🙂 So maybe we could expect a better wave of Filipino films in the coming years?


  2. I super loved That Thing Called Tadhana too! I love the director’s other works, like Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay (if you haven’t watched that, go, it’s a good movie!!). I kind of wished it didn’t end on such a positive note haha. Or maybe that’s just me being jaded.


    1. I haven’t seen Six Degrees of Separation! I’ve been wanting to see it! Hay, actually I would also prefer if they didn’t ended up being together. Kasi I especially liked the part when the heart was already slipping away from the arrow! When I saw that, sobrang tagos yung point na sometimes, we really end up being just a phase that will help someone move on and patch himself up. But then, more people need a happy ending.


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