To longer weekends

These days, I have this overwhelming gratitude for Saturdays and Sundays. It’s not that I don’t like my job to hate the weekdays but it seems that all the good things happen during the weekends. That’s why every Sunday afternoon, I feel a huge tear in my chest like my heart is made of paper.

I know this isn’t the time of the year when I should already be longing for longer weekends. But since 2015 began, I run on an average of five hours of sleep a day. But I guess each bad thing has something good on the other side because I am now valuing the S-days like never before.

Because they mean more time for my perky little monster. 🙂

I wish this night would stay a little longer because I am now at my most exhausted this 2015. It’s been a while since I caught watery eyes, headache, and colds, and I’m blaming the nasty shift in temperature that I endure on a daily basis – from the cruel office air-conditioning enough to put Russia into shame (I’m exaggerating), to the mean tropical heat we crawl under outside the office premises.

I hope I am well by Monday. When I was much younger, I remember foolishly praying to be seriously sick just because I want to legitimately skip classes. And I mean Math classes. There was even a time I used Mena cream as a lip balm and had rubbed the tip of the thermometer to fake a fever just so I would be allowed to sleep on the clinic and miss Math.

But now, when you have heavier responsibilities, the last thing you would want is to be unhealthy. In fact, you might also tend to feel psychologically unwell when your body’s poorly functioning. Sometimes when I don’t feel good, I tend to easily get consumed with my metaphysical drama. I know my husband hates it when I am like this but there are episodes that I can’t help but feel sad of happy things because why can’t we live forever?

*end drama. must sleep.


  1. I hope you are feeling better now. You are totally right. The more you grow up, the more you hate being sick, I think. Plus, parenting duties must be making it more difficult. But with that little cute face around you, I’m sure you can conquer the world no matter what. And please stop posting this little princess photos because SERIOUSLY you are giving me the baby fever! I am not kidding 🙂


    1. I’m sorry I’m not able to reply as fast as I used to. 😦 my time is very difficult now that I even forget to wash my face before sleeping, on several occasions. About the baby fever, maaaybe it’s time for you to plan a baaby! 😉


  2. Relate na relate!

    overwhelming gratitude for Saturdays and Sundays – Super yeees! For some reason, it feels like i’m enslaving myself for an entire week just for those 2 S days that can save my remaining sanity.

    5 hours of sleep – yes! But mine is spent doing unnecessary things online…. include online shopping…

    office air condition – i used to sit near the aircon and i can relate to dry skin, headaches and dysmenorrhea… when our office was revamped, i’m now delivered to africa…ang jinet jackson! the boss got my previous niche and now he’s the one complaining for the north pole temperature 🙂


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