Coffee With The Buddha

Twenty fourteen is officially ending together with my ties with my most recent employer. It has been a liberating decision to tread this exit with the warmth of hope in my chest that I am about to face something new. At one point, we have to let go of certain things so we would be able to get a firm grasp of things we feel are more important. Like sometimes, we get out of the comfort zone of a bigger compensation and choose another opportunity that will better mold us; or at least what we believe to be “better” based on our principles.

With the year-end holidays, I’ve been doing a bit of catching up with my me-time by watching/re-watching films, meeting friends, and reading a book. The lone book I read over these lazy days is the dainty Coffee With The Buddha from the Coffee With… series. The Coffee With series has a lot of interesting titles like Coffee with: Plato, Newton, Marilyn, Hemmingway, Shakespeare, Mozart and other remarkable personas.

Coffee With The Buddha
Author: Joan Duncan Oliver
Genre: Buddhism, Spirituality, Informative Fiction
Year Published: 2007
Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers

Coffee With The Buddha is uniquely enlightening. Reading it feels like I’m conversing with “the” Buddha over a cup of coffee – or rather an impossibly sinless grande even if you say “Splenda, please.”

I like the Buddhist concept of karma because it dares us to be responsible for our actions and intentions. It teaches that we become heir to whatever goodness or evil that we build at the present. But in the vastness of Buddhist beliefs in the book, my favorite is that of the Mahāyāna’s where it says:

We are all Buddha just waiting to be awakened.

I particularly took a liking to this idea because I think that however hard and impossible whatever feat maybe, it is always the knowledge of the possibility that pushes us to do things. This is why I think this idea is powerful – because it could make even the most unkind believe that he is capable of being good. 🙂

And of course, lazy days won’t be complete without being carelessly sprawled on some comfy mattress while watching films. We saw some good old ones like Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and Inglourious Basterds.

Simply because Tarantino is LOVE.
Shut your bad accent please. :)) (Inglourious Basterds, 2009)
And Uma Thurman also believing the need for someone to shut the fuck up. (Pulp Fiction, 1994)

I have to admit that I’ve been looking forward to a Kill Bill 3 (another Tarantino film) where Vernita Green’s daughter is supposed to take revenge on Kiddo. However, it was announced that a third installment is unlikely to happen as told by the director himself in an interview. 😦

Sad sad thing.

I guess, I underwatched this time than how I usually do on free days. Twenty fifteen is coming a few hours from now and I can already hear loud fireworks, louder horns, and the loudest of neighbors.

There is something endlessly exciting about the coming of every new year. If it has been a bad year, we want things to end fast and move on while if it has been a good one, we are eager to leap forward.

Frankly, my family throws the quietest, most boring hello to every new year but we are nonetheless always thrilled. No matter how bad or good 2014 has been, 2015 will now demand our attention. I’m happy I read Coffee With The Buddha at this time of the year because it reminded me that there always will come a moment when the strings of your good behavior, actions, and intentions will play out in your favor – which I also tend to have forgetten by this time of the year.

If 2014 has been frequently a lump on my throat, perhaps 2015 would provide more relief. I am excited to face 2015 with a leap of faith that everything will be better. (And I’ll act towards it too.) 🙂




  1. “my family throws the quietest, most boring hello to every new year but we are nonetheless always thrilled.”

    relate na relate! ever since one of my cousins had an unfortunate accident with fire crackers, we celebrated new year indoors.

    congrats on the new job 🙂 and as for me, i envy you and other people who can leave their comfort zones.. current job for better opportunities.

    and kahit late ko na na-discover blog mo, you are part of my 2014 🙂 thank you (no pun intended)


    1. Thanks ate. The one about your cousin is unfortunate to hear but I hope he’s okay and that he didn’t lose any body parts over the incident. (talagang inassume na “he,” sexist.)

      Sometimes, we really tend to stick to whichever it is that we have right now kasi ok naman talaga. Maybe that is your case or baka di pa nagpapakita ung worth it na opportunity that would make you decide right then and there na gusto ko yan, magreresign nako, bayadan pa kita. :))

      You and your blog is also a part of my 2014. I enjoy reading your blog and your online shopping adventure hehehe 😀


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