Fairydrops Platinum Mascara Waterproof

Usually, Paolo and I shop for Christmas gifts around December which has been inadvertently effective in eating a big ratio of our 13th month. But this year, we started on September, snagging a few items during mall sale whenever we have a spare.

Considering our past Christmases together, we now want a bigger part of our 13th month for ourselves. So when November stepped in, we scrambled to get done with our Christmas gifting list. I guess it was our splurge-out November. It all began on my birthday, followed by major gift-shopping part 2, and then wanting to treat ourselves to our guilty non-necessities – he, with his magic cards and I, with my first mascara (to name one).

Moving forward to the mascara…

Fairydrops Platinum Mascara Waterproof
Originally fares at Php 1,195.00
Its unique “3-teardrop” wand designed to easily catch lashes and suavely coat them without clumping.
The breezy catch → curl up → fabulous! sequence as drawn on the back part of the packaging.

For a mascara noob like me; I could reasonably say this is incredibly dummy-friendly. I got mine out of the ongoing sale in BeautyMNL.

You know when there’s an occasion and there’s someone tasked with doing the makeup? When your turn is finished – mascara, blush, & all – bad things will happen like your eyes would itch or you’ll bat your lashes too early, and you’ll be cursed somewhere with smudged & awful eye makeup?
Well, that’s me. And it’s the same reason why I never bothered to get one despite my shorter than short lashes. (Until Fairydrops dropped in.)

So basically, Fairydrops is my mascara game-changer. It’s the “Here comes your man” in a sea of difficult people. I’ve been seeing reviews that the Majolica Majorca ones are a steal at around Php 800. Perhaps I will try that other reliable Japanese brand after I empty my current one which is maybe after a year since I only use this on special occasions. (So yes, you must be someone important if I’m wearing a mascara to meet you.) 🙂

I wasn’t able to take any lashes shot while wearing the product but the lifting effect stayed with me the whole day without giving the impression that it was overly done. I wish I had bought the film-type though since I read that “it’s easy to remove. No makeup remover needed. Just use warm water,” which are big words already.

However, the spot of bother I have about mascaras in general is they could make lashes hard enough to poke your eyeballs if you would be foolish enough to binge coat in a wrong angle (like me on my first time even with this Fairydrops).

Also, I think mascaras are not meant to be used on an almost daily basis since it could make lashes brittle, speeding up their falling-off rate. I was told, lashes have a “regrowth limit” (which I haven’t confirmed if true) just as the heart has a beating limit.

If you happen to know the truth/falsity of this theory, kindly confirm or discredit as we don’t want to be dumb for too long. Thanks and much appreciated! Merry Christmas! 😀

Fairydrops Philippines Official Facebook
Brand Story


  1. Had difficulty using curvy mascara brushes. Like you, I ALWAYS poke my eye (AND I wear contact lenses! Aargh), I’d have to replace contacts when I accidentally stain it with mascara.

    That said, fairy drops are super good. Just wish they had something more of a skinny brush type of applicator. Everything’s quite chubby for me.


    1. That sounds super hassle! (about having to change your contacts), I think mascaras are one of those cosmetics that really supports the “tiis-ganda” concept no? :)) Ang kati-kati nya sa mata pag may nagsmudge na konti towards it.

      Pero honestly, though fairydrops has been really really good. I will try something else less expensive since hindi siya nasusulit sa’kin. I’ve been using it for twice to thrice a month at most. And I heard mascaras are only supposed to last us 8 months?


      1. Tthey say 3 months daw. But maybe that’s only applicable to those who use it everyday. Mga once a week lang siguro ako nagmamascara, or whenever I remember. 😦 So I keep mine for a year. 😀


  2. A few months ago, I put coconut oil to my mascara because it started to dry. guess what? A biig mistake. The oil melt on my lashes in 30 seconds and all the mascara was in my eyes and it burned like hell! So I had to throw it. ( But it was dry and useless anyway ) I didn’t buy a new one until last week. And now, I walk like a panda because I always forget that I have mascara on and I rub my eyes all the time. 😦 But i do like my lashes when i use it, it changes the whole look.
    I’ve never heard of Fairy Drops but it looks super cute and functional with that amazing brush. Enjoy it! 🙂


    1. Yes! mascaras are successful in delighting us over our lashes but they could be inconvenient to wear and they sting the eyes!

      Once this brand becomes available in your country, you should try this one since it doesn’t smudge miraculously! 🙂 However, it will still burn though if some amount would sneakily creep its way into your eyes.


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