Okonomiyaki & more at Little Tokyo

I celebrated my birthday with a vacation leave that P & I used to scour the mall and get done with 90% of our Christmas gifting list. When Friday tumbled, we decided to keep the weekends with both of our families by treating them out to lunch. Saturday was for the Franciscos while Sunday was for the Zafras. Our first food detour was in Little Tokyo.

Little Tokyo is a small alley where several Japanese bistros rub elbows with each other. True to its name, the place screams Japan from interior, fixtures, its throng of Japanese customers, and even some food servers who speak in glib Nihonggo.

Delivered takoyaki from Hana. Php 120.00, 6 pcs.
The takoyaki is stuffed heavy with fresh veggies and octopus. One order is already good for 2 people. And look at how thick the okonomiyaki is!

Urameshiya which serves yakiniku all-you-can.

The last photo is of Oishinbo where the rest of the family ate. According to the clerks here, cross ordering is not allowed unlike with Kagura & Hana. 



Aside from the restaurants, the Japanese groceries which are just a few walks from here are worth visiting if you fancy cooking or just want to stock on Japanese snacks & drinks. We forgot to take a picture but we bought a Kirin milk tea in Chotto Stop for Php 70.00 which tasted exactly like another bottled milk tea in 7 Eleven that costs only around Php 40.00. (While both are inferior to Schlurp; the green one!)

Btw “chotto,” could be used in different contexts. When used alone, it is meant to demand attention; something like “Hey!” So it could be Hey! Stop.” But also, it could mean “little” (since the grocery is small? or maybe because going here is usually just a short stop?). Guessing aside, the name is cute no?

Little Tokyo is small yet we weren’t able to try all of its bistros since the servings we had in Kagura and Hana were intestinally overwhelming. But happy that we are with our first experience, we’ll come back again to check the other restos and hopefully be emotionally & abdominally overwhelmed again. 🙂

Little Tokyo is located beside Makati Cinema Square which is in Pasong Tamo cor. Pasay Road. Makati-based drivers definitely know the place. If not, just say Makati Cinema Square and there’s just no way they won’t know it.
For detailed commuting/driving reference on how to get to Little Tokyo, kindly click here.



  1. That little face! You have an amazing daughter. From the photos I can understand how it’s fun and sweet life can be with a little munchkin like yours! You are giving me the baby fever…


    1. Having her is a source of a different kind of joy. But I should also say there were moments that I morphed into something mad due to lack/absence of sleep, endless baby cries w/o a mute button, and some postpartum d. issues. It used to be difficult but I guess we both outgrew those phases. Also, when I watch her; I sometimes get this sentimental bull that I have a second chance at life. I think she came at a time when I needed her the most.


      1. I really appreiate your honesty and I’m sure you are a wonderful mother! I don’t know but I can only guess and sometimes hear from new parents that it is not easy at all. But one thing I can see is, it’s worth it.
        And be prerared to be my mentor if one day I have a baby 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Kim! I still remember your 7th birthday haha Bentang benta yun sa akin. I remember your towering cake with Barbie as the cake topper, the 7 seven roses where everyone had their own pink gown. If I remember it right, pinatahi nyo pa talaga 🙂 Amaze na amaze na ako 🙂

    I’ve been wanting to see Little Tokyo, sadly most or all of my friends don’t like Japanese dishes. How sad for me. 😉

    I love the photos and how you edited them pala. Pwede magpaturo minsan? 🙂


    1. Natawa naman ako kasi ang vivid ng recall kahit almost 20 years ago na! haha Oo, pinatahi pa yun ni mama, terno kame ni Sheryn (bunso namen).

      Nag phophotoshop ka ba ate? Kasi kung meron ka sa computer mo pwede na kita turuan (in person / pm). Madali lang ang cheat :))


    2. Ay nakalimutan ko, kung desktop ka mageedit lang ung photoshop. Kung mobile at ung shortcut ang preferred mo, VSCO Cam, Meitu, or Candy Cam. So far, etong tatlong apps lang ang gusto kong photo editing apps. Ngayon nga lang kasi sira ung tablet ko kaya balik photoshop the hard way.

      Nung first time ko gumamit ng photo editing apps sa mobile sabi ko “ANG DAYA!” as in yung pinaghihirapan mong effects sa photoshop makukuha mo din :))


      1. Kinapa ko yung photoshop dati. Nag try ako ng exercises.. Ayun kalahating araw na hindi ako naligo tapos medyo palpak lahat hahaha Weird pero ang inclination ko talaga ay nasa analog photography.

        Totoo yung sabi mo na feeling ang daya ng IG at VSCO Cam. Nung medyo na-ge-gets ko na sa Photoshop,nagsilabasan na lahat ng apps.

        At yun 7th bday, first time kasi ako nakakita ng debut inspired parteeey hahaha Actually pati yun kay Crissa naalala ko. Kasi yun naman ang pinaka-shala na 7th bday na na-atttend-an ko. May cotton candy kasi at isang real cart ng dirty ice cream.

        Liked by 1 person

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