Life bits throughout the quarter of a century

Everything swivels in an endless motion. For now I am a quarter life twenty-five but as soon as dawn breaks, another year will tally up to my ever-growing life count.

Twenty-five includes being almost broke and having to deal with spiteful souls. But then a lot of beautiful things also happened throughout  like rousing dormant skills, conquering milestones, and finally acknowledging office politics with a careful and measured “hello.”

I must say the good things outweigh the bad that’s why I’m still conditioned to blog not with the sole point of ranting. Also, how could this quarter life be ever wrong when it had let me spend immeasurable days with my most important people? 🙂

BMO Dance!

Because the mind forgets, I listed 25 “important” bits I picked up prior age twenty-six: (Also because I’m an almost birthday girl!)

  1. Try not to envy other people. Realize that they worked hard for the things that they get to enjoy now.
  2. As much as we think we were destroyed by our first love, know that young and raw as we were, we had also unconsciously torched them.
  3. No matter what effort you give into the relationship, you will never be good enough for a partner who isn’t ready.
  4. As much as we seek the good in our partners, we also choose one with the most tolerable evil. Because no matter how many the good qualities are, negativity bias persists (that is the tendency of the mind to retain more bad memories over the good ones).
  5. Try not to let your parents witness each kind of your heartbreak. It breaks their hearts more. Always.
  6. The medicine for anger and bitterness is not that dish best served cold.
  7. There’s a 100% perfect person for you who’ll also make you shut up and feel bad in the most imperfect way when you should.
  8. It’s alright to bask in sadness. But turn it off as soon as you can since it could stir a tumor that could eat you whole.
  9. Don’t expect people to show their vulnerability when it’s the last thing you would be willing to reveal.
  10. Hearts are like forests. It could catch wildfire and be burnt but it will grow back over and over with the proper nourishment.
  11. There is always a space for ignorance. Go ask. You never know too much.
  12. It’s true that you only have to be human to respect the LGBT. But you also have to know how human it is for their family to deeply struggle with it.
  13. You’d have to skimp at some point in your my-happiness-is-being-broke-with-buying-things-I-love days.
  14. You become more responsible when you also learn to blame yourself.
  15. Success is highly relative. It’s up to you to figure out your own measure of it.
  16. Apparently, even successful people complain but they don’t quit. So feel free to complain once in a while if that’s the break your heart needs.
  17. Sadly in most cases, the bigger your circle is, the flimsier it gets.
  18. One day in “the real world,” you’ll just wake up knowing that occasional ass-kissing is written in every job description.
  19. Never burn bridges or you’ll learn why the hard way.
  20. Let yourself be used by the right people. They’ll pull you up with them as they climb.
  21. A hymen lost is your loss that should not cause you to lose your self-respect.
  22. You’ll find many who follow the enjoy-now-settle-later find it hard to settle down even after they’re supposed to.
  23. There is truth behind the quip that only a virgin could beat a rabbit’s itch. So if you’re with one, enjoy or beware.
  24. Overexposure could cheapens things. Like faces. Like clothes. Like public announcements of love.
  25. Life is beautiful. If not; it’s only your perspective that isn’t.

“Once upon a time, there was a child who dreamt of playing in the skies.
Instead, she became everything different.
She travels by feet in small steps and moves, moves, moves,
so her legs may learn to take a leap. Because if she can,
perhaps her limbs will turn into wings and let her fly
into a bigger expanse. 
Because limbs are made for the ground
and in the ground, she could only dream.”


  1. Ahhh. I feel you. I thought of all these when I was your age as well.
    #5 – couldn’t agree more. And it breaks my heart, too, knowing that I broke their heart when I broke mine.

    (Belated) Happy Birthday! 🙂


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