EOS Lip Balm + Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream

On a frequent solo date with myself while waiting for my husband to pick me up, I spent a couple of hours in the Department Store looking for pretty product packaging and reading ingredients and product descriptions (thanks to the nature of my work).

It wasn’t my first time doing this but it was one of those rare occasions that I thought out to bring spare money.

I bought EOS Medicated Lip Balm Tangerine; a lippie I immediately fallen in love with upon encountering its scent. I love how it smells halfway between tangerine and butter. And when I slid this on my lips, oooh I have fallen in love deeper! It’s rare for me to find a balm this good; it doesn’t have that heavy waxy texture that creases on your lips, that is characteristic of its petroleum-based competitors.

Petrolatum-Free! Doesn’t “Petrolatum” sound like some Harry Potter spell? 🙂

Normally, EOS lip balms cost Php 250.00 online but on Robinson’s Department Store, they’re priced at Php 230.00 (.25 oz / 7 g)

The red stains are from my lipstick.

Another purchase I made was this tea tree -based BB cream from Body Shop. I am not a fan of BB creams like how I used to but what acne-suffering woman would be able to resist this?

I got the 01 Light Shade, the lightest out of all three options.
Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream fares at Php 795.00 (40 ml)

Frankly, I consider this pricey for my usual cosmetic purchase. But prior to buying this, the clerk swatched a tester on my skin so I was able to see & feel the quality of the BB cream. I like how each drop comes as chunky yet non-greasy that it’s enough to cover the whole face with a thin matte finish. I think this tube will last me some three to four months if I would use it every time I’ll go to work. (But since I don’t use makeup everyday, add 2 months, maybe.) So on further thought, this is really economical though it doesn’t come as cheap as the others. (But it’s cheap for a Body Shop BB Cream!)

I could say these are one of those cosmetic purchases I sincerely don’t regret the minute I use them at home. But I would’ve liked it more if the ingredients of the BB cream are *visibly written on the packaging instead of the clerk saying it has tea tree which you could obviously tell from its name.

*You have to peel the packaging sticker to see the complete formulation. But could you get away with not buying the product if you’ll partly peel it just to check the ingredients?

I can’t pinpoint if I’ll say I’m happy, raving, or obsessed but there’s just no way I’ll be skimping on using my EOS. 😀 I am excited to empty my Medicated Tangerine to have a justifiable reason to buy the Sweet Mint flavor.


If you want to know the full ingredients of the products, click the links below:

  1. EOS Lip Balm Medicated Tangerine
  2. Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream


    1. I haven’t tried that one yet since this tangerine is my first one 🙂 EOS is also quite pricey here since the other balms cost somewhere around 100-200. Maybe it’s because it’s been in paparazzi shots of some Hollywood celebrities? -you know the hype it builds even if it’s a scripted marketing stint


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