The 1-2-3 of Braces and now a 4th

Four years ago, I had to be on braces due to my overcrowded set of lower teeth that makes the front ones look like poorly choreographed soldiers – some had stepped forward while some were left back. Supposedly, braces are to stay for around two years if you are able to maintain your regular adjustments. In my case though, I never had the discipline so come October 2014, I still have them on.

I don’t know if it is the urgent nature of the ber months but I just want this over with before 2015. So last week, after three months of failing to follow my supposed monthly adjustments (again), I texted my dentist for an appointment. I thought it was almost an adieu until she announced I have to wear elastic bands for further correction.

Thank God mine are at least not as many as this.

The unused elastic bands are as small as loom bands. My dentist created four hooks – two on the upper teeth and another two on the lower – where I could clasp the bands from bottom to top. With all distress, it’s been a long time since my teeth felt this glorious twinge and discomfort. The only consolation I am getting from this ordeal – aside from it would make my teeth be able to properly rip food again – is that when I smile, it seems I have fangs at a quick glance. My pseudo fangs are actually hooked white bands to re-correct my overly-corrected bite. I know this is childish but I feel like a vampire with elastic fangs, like I’m Marceline from Adventure Time when in reality I’m more of Betty La Fea with my braces, glasses, and pimpled cheeks.

So fun… hoooo….

Having to wear braces sucks but it has its divine after effects when your teeth really need correcting. My other complaint however is I haven’t been eating merienda for two days. I know it’s my choice but since the bands are constricting the extent of how big I could open my mouth, I have to remove them if I’ll eat or brush. Also, when my lips are dry, I couldn’t even lick them since my tongue can’t fit out. Because of this, I’d rather skip merienda than deal with the hassle of removing then latching them back.

To be fair though, I guess I got the piece of bother I deserve. Had I been devout in following my supposed monthly adjustments, my braces won’t have overstayed and caused this overly-corrected bite. (Bad patient. Bad.) Anyway, if you’re not on braces, here are 22 reasons why you should be thankful you’re not on one. 😉


2 responses to “The 1-2-3 of Braces and now a 4th

  1. Kim, I just had my braces removed after 5+ years?!? Kamusta naman un, imagine your 1 year old kid who will turn 5… Ang shoogal!!

    In my case, my problem is the extreme overbite. The upper teeth keeps on protruding. If not because of my very round face, I would almost look like a horse. My other struggle is the space between my two front teeth. Ang awkward! I was ashamed of it since High School.

    Even though I’m done with the treatment, let us say that I’m not fully satisfied with the results. My Ortho took away two of my upper molars. Unfortunately, the spaces were not fully closed, which really frustrates me. Spaces would mean possible movements which may cause my “madonna” front teeth again. I swear, sinusumpa ko un.

    I can relate with the elastic bands. ang hassle!!! I will confess something, I only wear the elastic bands at home or whenever I sleep. Haha And right now, I was given retainers…. na hindi ko sinusuot because of the “f and s defect” which I never learned to overcome.


    • 5+ years?! Ang taaagal! Siguro kahit isuot mo ung retainers baka hindi na sya fit sayo, magpagawa ka bago kasi ang hassle bumalik sa braces. (na mas alam mo) hehe

      Kailangan ko din ng surgical extraction ng both third molars bago tanggalin tong braces. Overcrowded naman kasi yung unang case ko kaya crooked ung front set. Alam mo yung ogre pag closeup? Yung may atras-abanteng ngipin, akala mo ginagawang abrilata. Kaya kailangan tanggaling ung 2 wisdom teeth kasi impacted pareho; otherwise babalik lang daw sa crooked after a while pag wala na ung braces kasi itutulak na naman sila ng wisdom teeth na impacted.

      Yun nga lang naging open bite din ako recently. Dati, pinangbubukas ko pa ng junkfood at sachet ngipin ko, ngayon hindi ko na magamit. Hirap na din ako mag cut ng food gamit front teeth.


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