Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends

I’ve been a Rurouni Kenshin fan for so long. I used to watch it religiously when I was a kid so catching this film is just sine qua non.

Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends (るろうに剣心 伝説の最期編)
Genre: Action, Manga/Anime Adaptation, East Asian Cinema
Director: Keishi Ohtomo
Year: 2014

If you followed the animated series, you can tell there are many diversions from it and yet the film remains so much fun. I’ll be noting the differences below. [Warning: Major spoilers below]

1. The Juppongatana collective awesomeness has suddenly become lame
2. Okina seems unpervy and he dies in the film

3. There’s no Oni gang action
4. Lame Kamatari exposure
5. No Futae no Kiwami (Sano’s pulverizing punch)
6. Everybody fights Shishio
7. Sensei Hiko is far more handsome in the movie (ok. not counted.)

Anyway, the film made these many diversions without being a disappointment. 🙂

You got it gozaruyo~!

But even if the film is already good in itself, I would have loved it more if there were some Megumi retorts once in a while and if there was a post-credits scene where Kaoru, Misao, and Megumi are on a temple, thanking the gods for everyone’s safe return. I know this is unimportant and extremely personal, but then again, I can vividly remember that certain scene from the anime where Megumi also secretly wishes for Sanosuke to like her! ❤

Megumi is actually my favorite character in the series, I like how she teases Kenshin and purposely makes Kaoru jealous & annoyed when in fact, she’s secretly smitten by the unintelligent and barbaric Sano.

Speaking of Megumi, I wonder if Aoi Yu had a nose job? I know she doesn’t have the best nose, but there’s something off with it lately especially with the first RK installment. Either way, with surgery or not, I still like her even more than the movie. Don’t get me wrong; I had fun with all the three RK films but it’s just that I didn’t get my expected fill of Juppongatana and Megumi. After the movie, we ended the day with a chargrilled chicken and a good kind of disbelief.

P.S. Forgive my sudden stubborn segues. But do you think there will be a future prequel adaptation where Tomoe will be the highlight? Somehow, I’m convinced there will be. 🙂


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