Teenage. Mutant. Suicidal. Dots.

While I believe in the love thyself stand that has been infecting the social media, I still want to look nice as much as other people do. Last month, I ranted about my pimples on my secret side of the internet because I was depressed at these facial polka-dots which are hardly wanted & fashionable.

I think this is Kate Moss… Sorry Kate for desecrating your face.

On August, I had 11 pimples… Then turned 8… 4… And 8 again this September. It’s far from normal acne. In fact, the last time my face was this messed was due to hormonal imbalance c/o early pregnacy.

I already went to a dermatologist and have been on prescribed soap, toner, and creams. All of these have been initially effective until my pimples popped back to a glaring 8.

Take note. I am not pregnant and I had already tried the ff. to remedy my acne:

  1. Eskinol Toners – with & without Dalacin C
  2. Celeteque Acne Solutions
  3. Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture 92% Aloe Vera Gel
  4. Bioderm ointment
  5. Quick FX Pimple Eraser
  6. Purederm Spot Reducer Gel Patches
  7. Derma + her prescribed products

Honestly, I lost faith in skincare brands. 😦 It felt like every product description is a deceitful marketing script to prep you into believing that this is the answer to your need (which is somewhat true though, believe me). So when Friday came along with the floods of Mario, I decided to be lax about my face. (But I have to admit that had there been no flood, I might have remained mindful of my skin.)

The next day, when the flood was gone, I used what my sister uses:

I did not expect it to work since I’ve been far too disappointed already. But when Sunday came, all my pimples have shrunk! 😀 So as of now, I am using this facial wash since it’s somehow working for me even if I’ve been skimping on sleep. I just pray that I don’t develop a tolerance to its active ingredients or else I have to product hop again which is usually a massacre.

Well, enough about the product. I wonder why is it that we’re very preoccupied with how we look though we’re aware that brains beat face in the real world? Or maybe we don’t really believe this; maybe we’ve been criticized too much to buy this grand idea again for the nth time… After all, who doesn’t want to be a Sharapova who looks good and is good at what she does? What do you think?
FYI: Appended as of Oct. 10, 2014. Eskinol Pimple Fighting Facial Wash, though initially effective, stopped working on my acne after a week. So I’m currently on a soap-free cleanser prescribed by a new dermatologist.
I’m not saying the product is not effective. It just didn’t work on my severe acne and I was also told by the derma on how bacteria develop immunity over certain ingredients on a case-by-case basis  – that’s why you should inform your derma of all the products and procedures you’ve tried.

8 responses to “Teenage. Mutant. Suicidal. Dots.

  1. Hello there,

    I sometimes have pimples especially if I’m pmsing. I know this is normal because of the hormonal gush of the body but 2 months ago I’ve learnt that I have a thyroid problem and most of my skin problems are caused by it.
    Just in case, have a blood test. Just to be sure. 🙂


      • Oh no no no! I didn’t say that to make you worry. I just wanted to say, sometimes simple things that you are not even aware of can cause problems. Maybe something you eat which you are allergic to and you don’t know causes these pimples, who knows? Once a year I always take a blood test as a check up and that’s how I found out my thyroid problem. Weird stuffs come out by age, especially agter 30 🙂


        • Hi Fatos! It’s okay! :)) I’m actually just a bit hypochondriac but since you also mentioned it, a colleague also told me before to have my hormones checked. I hope your thyroid problem heals for good the soonest way it can. 🙂 And you don’t look 30 btw!


  2. Post-adolescent pimples…. akala ko before teeners lang ang nagkakapimples.. unfortunately, HINDEEE. In my case, hindi naman siya ganun ka evident pero when one emerges, the trace is there forever?!?

    “brains beat face in the real world?” true but i cannot deny that there are experiences when it reverses… ayoko na magsalita, tunog ampalaya na ako haha


    • With me, the spots easily fade pag nwawala ung pimples. Pero netong nag mid 20s nko, prone nko mag scar; mahina na ung collagen at elastin production (hello, signs of aging). Effective sa’kin yung kalamansi pantanggal ng dark spots kaso mahapdi at makati – holy grail ko to nung buntis kasi takot ako sa products, baka may epekto sa baby. 🙂

      Nakabibitter naman talaga yung mga taong napapaboran because of their looks. Nkabibitter mainly kung bobo sila. Pero I think it matters less in the long run kasi hindi naman lahat ng bagay pwedeng idaan sa ngiti.

      At even with bosses na maganda/guwapo lang, nakaaawa din sila kasi lagi silang nababackstab ng mga employees. Parang ang curse naman sa kanila eh they have to be ten times more mindful of what they say and do kasi everyone’s waiting for them to slip up.


  3. Oh the hypocrites in us. I’d love to always look like I just /happen/ to look good, but I didn’t really try. Am I making sense? Haha. I’ve always wondered, because I convince myself that the vanity is because I want to look good for myself, but at the same time I know my standards are influenced by society’s standard. In any case, at the moment I’m allotting more time and money for beauty regimes than anything else, then I guess that’s when alarm bells should be going off. I mean, it shouldn’t be a priority but it still matters, because, being presentable is important.

    Glad your pimples are clearing up! 🙂


    • Yes, I completely get you! I think many of us feel the same way hence the start of the “no makeup makeup” + “effortless” hair bun tutorials (that are actually full of effort). lol. It’s inevitable how we’ll all conform to society’s standards but on the good side, I guess it’s also helping us to be self-critical at some needed point. And let’s face it, trying to look good is also a part of loving your self! 🙂

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