Cine Europa 17

I like anything that’s free plus I like watching films. Too bad, I had only seen two films at the recent Cine Europa, held on Shang Cineplex which is less than 20 minutes from work.

1. Identity Card (Občanský průkaz)
Year: 2010
Language: Czech
Director: Ondřej Trojan

Identity Card is a Czech comedy about a group of friends who are about to receive their identity cards. The setting is in 1970s Czechoslovakia when it was under communist rule.

Presenting the buddies from left to right: Poet, Frog, Genius, and Cinderella.

You could see in the film how people give importance to their identity cards except for our young lads who think it’s cool to rebel. The film has a lot of laughs but it’s sad to see how blind loyalty and peer pressure run a group of friends, including school and an entire bureaucracy.

An extra and Hanka. Well, they love to sing. Even if you ambush them. Even if you beat them.

Expect a lot of hippie culture exposure + their ant-like persistence to do (and bum) as they want. Spell fun-loving. unproductive. kids.

2. Home from Home (Die andere Heimat)
Year: 2013
Language: German
Director: Edgar Reitz

Home from Home is about a pensive bookish lad in the setting of 1800s, Germany – when reading was generally considered lazy. It’s a German drama (duh) in black & white that had me convinced it must’ve been from the years of the plague.

This is Jakob, the central character. I think I shall name my son Jakob.

Forgive the “years of the plague” allusion; it is not a bad film but it looks realistically ancient! The film has its way of making me feel wary because what in the crap is with the eerie sound effect like Jakob’s going to get stabbed when he’s just thinking aloud? And his mother…! You just have to see her creepy stare which looks like a still from American Horror Story.

See? (Hawakan niyo si Nanay.)

Excuse my shallow remarks. Unfortunately, I had to leave the cinema before Home from Home could end. Maybe I’ll watch it again next time and finish it for good because it started to be interesting on the few minutes before leaving. (Plus I read it’s a prequel to a good film series!)

Does anyone reading this also saw Cine Europa 17? I particularly would have loved to watch Chinese Puzzle, Child’s Pose, and Ice Dragon.

~ Chime in! ♫

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