Kiddie Finds: 1001 Awesome Stickers for Girls (& the kid at heart)

We were strolling in Walter Mart one Sunday afternoon when my daughter released my hand and ran to a book rack with a picture of Mickey Mouse. “Kids,” I told myself; they are simple-minded to the point they are lured by anything bright or cartoons. My daughter was so fixated that even when I called we’ll leave, she was still getting her hands on different books. And then I knew I had to interfere or we might end up buying all which was not part of the plan. I walked to her and eyed the same pile of books before I felt the five-year-old in me excitedly lit up with the view of this bright red book with interesting cutesy illustrations:

1001 Awesome Stickers for Girls | Php 195.00 | Publisher: Berry Books (of Summit Media)

I used to collect stickers as a kid! I remember that every notebook of mine had at least one which I used as a subject reference (like Genie for Science and Snow White for Math since I used to be teased as her which I hated as much as the subject). The sticker book project was a collab work of different Filipino illustrators. I cannot decide on my favorite set of stickers since many are too good to be considered not a favorite! Anyway here’s a collage of some things you can find on the book.

Contents include sticker-dolls, ningyōs, youth-culture references, aliens, witchstuff, and more!

My inner five-year-old is very amused with the book. I told myself that the sticker-dolls would be for my daughter but I ended dressing them up myself! And before I use every sticker left, I plan to scan those that I like so I will not lose them forever.

For the love of this quirk, my next goal is to get 1001 Awesome Stickers for Boys.  Please leave a reply if you know where to get one. 😉



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