Mood Indigo: For the love jazz & daydreaming

Mood Indigo
Genre: Romantic Scifi, Comic Fantasy, Comedy of Manners, Adaptation
Director: Michel Gondry
Year: 2013

Vulture describes Mood Indigo as the Gondriest film ever. If you’re not aware of who Gondry is, he is the same director who made Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. But this time, Mood Indigo has been extreme on dream-like visuals and arbitrary plot sequence that is somehow reminiscent of the cartoon Adventure Time.


The film starts as a hardcore eye-candy which it thinly withdraws from as the plot injects more drama into the lives of its characters. Have you ever wondered how someone could possibly be wealthy enough to get by in life without working? If yes, unfortunately, Mood Indigo can’t answer that. But it would show you a possibility of what could happen to that person.

I like how everyone and everything moves animatedly in the film which reminded me of Looney Tunes shows that I used to watch as a kid. And even with the things, the food, and the transition of events; it’s clad with lovely stop-motion that would make you marvel and miss Gumby.

Having watched the film, rewatching the trailer evoked more emotions than before. I already loved Tatou (Chloé) back when she played Amélie and just seeing her again drowns me in pure admiration.

To date, I could say that Mood Indigo is already my favorite film. Despite the crumbling gaiety with the progression of the story, I find Colin’s (the lead character) desperate efforts to be profoundly sweet and enviable. Because even if there’s only “terrible” to describe what may come, we all just want to have someone who will attempt to make things better – even if it’s a small shot that has no chance against the wind.

“If we screw up this moment, we try the next. And if we fail the next, we have our whole lives to get it right.”




  1. One word: ang lalim lang Kim hahaha Hanggang Korean drama series lang level ng brain ko haha

    Pero this line,
    Chloe: “If we screw up this moment, we try the next. And if we fail the next, we have our whole lives to get it right.”
    convinces me that I have to include this in my list.

    Life without mistakes is just so boring 🙂


  2. Hi ate Dee! Yes, panoodin mo sya 🙂 Uy malalim din kaya ang Korean dramas, pero they just always find a way para maging lighthearted lagi. At ang mga thriller nila, jusssko! Mainternal issues!!!


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