by Her Other Lovely Sides
by Her Other Lovely Sides. Thanks for the tag Dyanne 🙂

Being tagged on chain entries like this transports me to a year short of a decade ago when I was in my young college years and Friendster had the limelight.

i. Where do you live?

I live in (perhaps) one of the most sluggish towns of Rizal. It’s a “townful” of traffic even if it has no operating malls yet and it has a sneaky way of drowning its residents with the right amount of rain.

ii. Describe your favorite place.

Home is my favorite place. After all, it is where traces of work-related stress evaporate when I touch the gate.

iii. What are you frustrated of right now or recently?

Sometimes, expenses frustrate me. But as my husband goes, “nothing you can’t handle would be given as a test.”

iv. Have you ever felt suffocated with people’s expectations with you? When?

Yes. It was after I gave birth. And maybe it was more of me, comparing myself to “what moms are supposed to be” and some post-partum depression attacks.

v. What is the one thing you would rather do for the rest of your life?

I think I will enjoy talking for the rest of my life. Even if I may initially appear silent and awkward, I genuinely enjoy talking to people. And even when I write, I imagine talking to silent strangers who are always eager to listen.

vi. What is your purpose for blogging?

You can actually read it here.

vii. Are you happy with your life right now? Why?

I am. Because even if I hadn’t hit my goals from five years ago, I was oddly placed on circumstances that made me stronger and taught me to value more the people around me. Plus I am in love and I am loved.

viii. What are you willing to risk to save your loved one’s life?

Life for a life. But I would gladly & preferably sacrifice my job since it would be less morbid this way.

ix. What are you not willing to give up for your loved one?


x. Describe yourself in 3 words.

A tender unfolding. Yes, it is also the name of this blog but I also see myself as a continuous story that unfolds. With each additional day, I learn more about myself, I take in new perspectives about life, and I reorder priorities in another way. It might not be all that pleasant but there’s always something new to be revealed.

xi. Describe who you would like to be in 3 words.

I would like to be “a silver lining.” I know I tend to be harsh with words and yet I wish I could inspire hope even in just the most coincidental way. Secretly (which is not a secret anymore), I want to be a metaphor for optimism even for just one single person. (Naks!)

Or maybe I should have said “become Aoi Yu.” 😉

To keep the waves running, I would tag Ironic Maiden, Life by the dots, Diane Wants to Write, Emtrotty, and Opinionated Man these questions:

  1. State the title of your favorite book or film and relate the specific scene that made you decide why this one is your favorite.
  2. What is the corniest joke you have ever encountered? And what do you think is the basis of being corny?
  3. Name something that got you into a big trouble.
  4. If you have a book of life that would let you revive only one person, would you use it or just leave things as they are?
  5. Would you rather go back to the past, or leap to the future, or perhaps stay in the present?


  1. Shet, ang lalem ang hirap sagutan ahahahaha Alam mo naman ako puro pagkain at shopping lang ang sinusulat ko… am bleeding hihihi

    Seryoso, thanks for tagging me at malupet na secret…. ikaw lang ang relative ko na nakakaaalam ng blog ko 😉


      1. nahiya tuloy ang english ko bigla pero eto lang : ikaw lang ang francisco na nakakabasa ng blog ko haha

        PS naalala ko tuloy bigla si grandpa (lolo carling)- ang nag-connect sa atin.. hindi ko siya immediate lolo, pero ang bait lang niya sa akin. he gave me a toy car the first time i met him. loser kasi ako sa pabitin (1st bday ata ni crissa un) naawa siya sa akin, he took time and effort na mahanapan ako ng toy 🙂 makes me wonder din.. sh*T toy car? mukha akong boy hahahaha


        1. Namiss ko tuloy si lolo. Mabait nga tlga si lolo tska mahilig sa kids. Naalala ko before dumadaan sya smen mnsan pra isama magjog sa paligid ung kapatid ko.

          Pero ang toy car, panalo :))


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