Sweet Ecstasy burgery + bakery

Sweet Ecstasy Burgery + Bakery
Existing Branch: Jupiter, Makati
(The CubaoX branch this post is about was closed) 
Price Range: Php 80 - Php 350
Passable budget per head: Php 350
Novelty: Adult Shakes

Sweet Ecstasy occupies a small space in the west strip of the Expo’s compound. From a “feet’s perspective,” it would be a few walks from the entrance just before you hit the famous Bellini’s at the end. I think the best thing they have is their Adult Shakes selection which is basically a blend of milkshake + booze. We had White Russian, Black Bear, and Sex Berry which tasted like Calpol, Mudslide, and Tequila Rose respectively.

We’re still young to have an impaired tolerance to alcohol but it took us almost an hour to finish our mugs. And please consider yourself warned about the White Russian; it would make you swear at its semblance to the damned paracetamol.

Cheeseburger (Php 170) x Ecstasy Fries (Php 130)

Natasha and Shin both had Cheeseburgers while I munched on some Ecstasy Fries. I found the burgers and fries to be too greasy; it reminded me of how oil seeps out when you squeeze your nose tight. After taking a bite, mmmm… it was tasty. By “tasty,” I only meant that it had a strong taste. Anyway, it was dumb to complain about the oil after ordering fries. And besides, they are  not a vegan bar.

But to be fair, I felt that every dime was worth the atmosphere of the place. My previous concern was buried by the ambiance and with each gulp of the shake that was intoxicatingly fun.

Pop arts! Lo and behold. You’ll enjoy eyeing these posters while reciting familiar films or icons  that each of them spoofs on.

Meanwhile, I was taking my time here to prepare the Father’s Day gift for my husband which was in an envelope within an envelope that was inside another envelope. Next time, I plan to bring along my daughter Colign because she likes colorful pictures and I will let her munch on a cookie.

Also, I would love to plunge those cookies into the rest of the shakes and seep the life out of those poor treats until they crumble and melt in my tongue.

Photo Credit: @shinciso

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