Maleficent: Of revenge & useless princes

I was never a sucker for Disney movies, except for The Little Mermaid and how her eyes seemed edible like a green bubblegum and how her flowing hair looks like a cotton candy on fire. To retell my statement, I was never a sucker for Disney movies, at least not collectively. But when I saw Maleficent’s trailer; when I saw Jolie in her perfect makeup coverage, her godly sculpted cheekbones, plus her smirk that made her look modishly evil, I was immediately won over and so came an addition to my bucket list of movies. Besides, who would dare not be curious about the backstory Disney invented to justify their Maleficent? So two nights ago, we found ourselves watching Maleficent in Promenade.

Genre: High Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Romance, Adaptation
Director: Robert Stromberg
Year: 2014

Simply, Maleficent is the retelling of The Sleeping Beauty through shifting the focus of the tale to the villain none other than Maleficent. The movie has been circulating the theaters for around a month now that it would be safe to say that a bigger number already knows that the film is not a live-action of the Disney classic or of the narratives by Perrault or of Brothers Grimm.

As a retelling with an inserted backstory, there are a lot of diversions from the Disney classic and the original narratives. But despite those differences, I think everyone has to agree that what was collectively felt as the story progressed was contempt for the King.

I was quietly feeling bad for Maleficent because I had somehow doomed her to die. (Please, just watch it to know if she will.) But on moments that I wasn’t feeling sorry for her, I was either ogling on her flawless makeup or finding her unpardonably cute – especially on her puppy eyes scene when she was about to wish Aurora to “fall into a sleep like death.”


All in all, I think Maleficent is a good film considering its intended target market. I kept telling my husband how it felt so “kiddie” and yet I cannot deny that it has a lot of lessons, and that Jolie would always be enjoyable to watch. It is the kind of film that reminded me of the things I know, but I sometimes tend to forget:

  1. That it is love that heals anger; and not anger or revenge
  2. That “it is necessary to let things go, simply for the reason that they are heavy” (to quote C. Joybell C.)
  3. That evil is only a side effect
  4. And that prince charmings are entirely useless
    (To be defensive about my noun usage, I used “prince charmings” as an improper noun.)


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